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Now if you've clicked a the image from Nutter t.KK Signature, and was wondering what with that excellent hat on the Lucario?

That is the Lo-Fi Longwave, a hat from Team Fortress 2. It was awarded to Loyal KritzKast Listeners, and currently players who are made "Player of the Week." It's one of the few hats that money can't buy, usually. I'm a loyal Listener.. and, yes, I do own one. KritzKast is a Podcast that's been around for four years now.

In the Vindi (the girl dressed as Lyra from Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver), is holding a Sign reading "i46 (uk)". i46 is one of the Biggest LAN parties in Europe. Those attending, include Several top American teams even turn up to try their skills against the tip European teams. And Also I will be in attendance!

Yes, I will be at i46, from Thursday 25th August to Monday 27th August.

I'm in the KritzKast "Clan Box", which means that my PC and myself will be in the Room with people like Agro, Tempest, Ruskeydoo, and Chronos. I've heard that We're also sharing the Room with some of the eXtv Staff. Which we don't mind, as they're there to cover our favorite game Team Fortress 2. They also have their own Catch phases, "Yaooo!" and "Huge Airshot!" The casting crew, I will assume will be in the Press room, with the European TF2 Casting crew Vanilla Tv. You may want to brush up on Dutch if you listen to Comedian. (He speaks English, except when he's excited. Sadly, we don't know when he's not excited.)

So SPPf users, what does that mean?

I've will not be Moderator Duties during the Event. Before you complain, All the other SPPf staff have already been informed. (If they don't know tell them to check the Inactivity Thread in the Staff forum. They'll know what I mean.)

The KritzKast Clan box will have a webcam in it. It will be linked on the KritzKast Front page, so you'll be able to see us. I may able to even have be able to do a short Q&S session to one of the KritzKast Web cams. I will be actually in the Audience (as almost Always) for KritzKast Live at 20:00 GMT+1 Sunday.

Now I won't be wearing the Bunny Ears, as my avatar suggests. But I will bring my Pikachu hat.

If you're attending:

I'd like your help with a few projects.

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs Mutiplayer - As a Serebii mod, It pains me to say that I am unable to get one Pokémon: Deoxys. It was only available Via a Download event for Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. It can not be got playing solo, you must have a second player to complete the challenge. If I find a second copy of the game I will just require an extra pair of hands. You can bring your own DS and Game if you want to help. I will be also bringing a selection of my other games anyway. (If I don't get this done, I'll be asking for someone to help me at the Keldeo event.)

TF2 Class Emblem Buttons - As a Possible Project, I'll be doing Market Research for this.

Project Elfish Jarate - Another Project I may be asking people about..

I'll be able to access the Blog there and on the road. So feel free to comment below. I've enabled comment screening.

q99 tagged so I shall do :)

1) In honor of the Chinese New Year, what is your Chinese Zodiac sign, including element? How well does the description fit you? (Link to Chinese horoscope with elements -- but you may know of a better one.)

Water pig? Kinda fits, not only if I could get the actual job..

2) What is the most interesting random fact/bit of trivia you have recently learned?

If you wait to complete some quests in Skyrim, the weapons are better.

3) What is the oldest item of furntiture (or knick-knack, or kitchen utensil, whatever) in your house, and what is its history, in general or with you?

Hard. I think a rolling pin may be the oldest thing in the house, and it still doing the job as intended today, if it's used.

4) What is your favorite kind of tea? (If you don't drink tea, what is your favorite kind of whatever beverage you do drink, coffee or whatever.)

I'm a coffee person. I think Djartmo Arabasti or Sarabanda Dark. Sorry, I thought it was a good as place as any to name drop.. I don't know what I'm drinking most of the time, but it's good.

5) If you could magically and perfectly play any musical instrument (that you don't already play), what instrument would you choose?

Guitar!! Most things as long as you don't have to pull my finger (It's a real stinker!).

6) What one historical event would you choose to be present during, assuming that you would both be perfectly safe yourself and completely unable to affect your surroundings?

I'd rather not live through the Warrington Bombings again. (I was there.)

I'd say London 2012 games.. wait! That hasn't happened yet.

7) Favorite new-to-you fictional character you have met in the last year?

Deaf/mute Shizune Hakamichi from Katawa Shoujo, a free visual novel. I'm not going to link to the thing as she screws the "Hero" in the story. (If you play through her story, you should work out that translator Misha expanding on Shizune's comments.

8) What is you favorite thing that you have made yourself? (craft, dish, item of clothing, painting, etc., etc.)

I'm not sure about this one. I could say many of the stuff on DA..

9) What was your favorite game to play as a child? (board game, word game, roadtrip game, sport, it's all good)


10) What is the best thing someone has ever surprised you with, and what happened?

Getting asked to join a Portal2 podcast. 

11) Who is the oldest LJ-friend you have (i.e. person who is currently on your f-list who has been there the longest)? How did you LJ-meet and do you still actively keep in touch?

I'm really not sure.. Most people who on my list are inactive for so long a time, so I think q99 may be the only person on it. 


Meeting Erika

Lana Weiss looked though the fog at the piles of the stones around her. This was the remains of Fort Outpost of Toltus, the pile of rumble was in front of her was the North wall. Sited in a good place, You could see for miles on a good day. The Fort had held all it's attackers at bay, except the last one, the new owners with paperwork.

The new owners were Lord Gast's government, who managed to convince the Marshal of Lower Interior Vedian to surrender on behalf of the Major provinces. That was a year ago. Toltus was part of the Ruka Pass Province, whose forts were the most heavily bombarded of the entire Country of Vedian.

Toltus was to be the place where the new Governor of Ruka Pass was to live. It was declared that Most of the Forts where to be torn down, including the one at Toltus. The Governor House was to be built in Toltus. Like most of the new Governors, they were Human, not Vedran. Lana was a Vedran, a race of 6 foot tall humanoid cats as Lana once over heard this rude description.

Lana turned and gave a stone a kick with her bare white foot, to her surprise, it was round and it rolled. This wasn't part of the wall, it was part of the Siege engine, a Battering ram, which was used to try to knock down the gate, which it never did. Most of the Siege engine was now broken up and parts were used for repairs of building around town, and in most cases fire wood.

The head builder of the Governors House was more interested in his pocket than producing a good solid building. The cheapest method was to raid the Fort. Despite it was officially still under Vedran control, several of the Builder's crew raided the place, they had done a lot of damage in a short amount of time, until Lana arrived with her naginata in her hands.

Lana's naginata was a deadly weapon in the right hands. Several of the Builders initially referred to it as "a sword on a very big stick." Not the best description of the weapon, but to someone who not seen one before it's quite easy to describe it as such.

The builders quickly learned that Lana was very good with her naginata, and that she'd rather not need to use it. After a few moments with the head builder, since no one wanted argue with a woman who had a blade pointed at them, they had a reach an understanding. They'd had to pay to take parts of the Fort. There was a few people came, Lana was charging a price just under the Quarry and transporting men would charge. Most of the Builders since then where in the Pubs for the month until the Fort was the Governor's property.

It still didn't prevent the thieves, as Lana had to reguallary visit the town, since one of the first building destroyed was the barracks, and many of the building for stores. The other sleeping areas where not safe to live in, Lana knocked those buildings down to make safe. She could have repaired them, but since the fort was being abandoned before too long, she wouldn't not completed repairs in time.

A sparkle in the dust caught her eye. She took a closer look, it looked like a crescent made of polished obsidian. She placed the naginata on the ground beside it, and picked up the stone. As she picked it up it turned from black to violet. She wiped the dust off the stone with her pale padded fingers, as she did so it changed colour to ultramarine blue.

This was not a moodstone, as Lana would explain its ability to change colours. It was a Soju power detector. The colour represented it's holder's power. To Lana, if the stone was shade of Purple, after a few seconds of touching it, her Soju power was barely keeping her alive. That was her second worst fear when she held the stone. Her worst fear was when the stone did not change from its inert black, it could mean her next breath would be her last. The blue worried her, but it was expected, it was a similar colour before she had lost the stone. The Stone did change to any colour in the Rainbow. If purple was for very little, red was for too much of the Soju.

Lana heard footsteps about few yards behind her. Lana picked up her naginata, turned and pointed it at the approaching sound. Stepping out the fog, Lana saw a Sandy and Black Tabby fur marked Vedran, showing her clawed hands with the padded palms to Lana.

Lana barked, "State your name and your intention!" This was drilled in to all new recruits as to as the standard greeting for someone to enter a military encampment such as a fort.

"Footman Erika Jeanettetan, reassignment," the woman replied in the approved military fashion. The Blade inches away from Erika's face, she seemed as affected as a fly was buzzing around her head.

Lana had memorised list of people who were planning to arrive at the fort. The Erika's name was not on it. The list was not long and all of the women had a double barrelled name, mainly due to problematic marriages. There was however an Erika Jeanettetan-Pontin on the list. The main Pontin House a few days walk away.

Lana moved the blade away from Erika's face, and stepped closer, and held out her hand before asking, "Where's your papers?"

Erika pulled out a bundle of papers, it had a wax seal of the Pontin House. Despite the complexity of creating of creating a Seal it was hard to fake. However it was not impossible, Lana had been victim of some fake seals in the past.

"I'm the only person here at the moment. We'll step in to the office," Lana indicated a building for Erika to go to.


In the past, I posted chapters of The Fall, I've decided that I'm going release part of the story soon. And in effort to get me to writing more, I will be releasing it on a schedule.

Due to the way I'm writing it, I've divided the Book in to sections entitled such as "nth Tale of Character."

To date, only "The First Tale of Lana Weiss" has been seen in publicly in any form.

So which Formats would you like to see each the "Tales" released in? I will post the results at MikeSharpeWriter.com as this will be where you'll see the stories.

I've got a Little problem. The problem is that I am not how I should spell a name of a city.

I make reference to this city in Magical Pirates. This is also the Setting of The Fall, and is referred to in the Soju Masters. So I can't really wait until I'm editing the first story. Actually, I just did, I'm editing Magical Pirates.

You can use the this posts reply if you don't want to use YouTube.
I've got some bad news.

I've recently had a short story with the Editors, it didn't sell. I did however did get a rejection letter, which is good.

There is two scenes that I'd like to replace before submitting to other Editors.

This is where you, the visitor to this site, come in!

I'm opening several unpaid positions for Test Readers. The main thing I ask you is to read my work when I send it you, and send back comments and thoughts on it. I'll will give you a dead line, which is reasonably far in the future. Send me a message at mike@mikesharpewriter.com and we'll arrange something from here.
The Grand total is 5000 words.. or 10% of the Proper Total. Which is not even the intro! This is pretty much has been down to times I can write... which all disappeared with little warning.

I don't write, or sell my text, enough to be considered using it as a business. I sign up on the "dole" or to give it's proper name JSA for some money, since I'm unable to find anyone to take me on, I have to go on FND to keep getting JSA. Since no one can find me a Job that is, A) local to me, B) that I'm qualified for. I live on the outskirts of town, so that is easy to find a Job. Since I've not been able to keep jobs and have very few qualifications I have to reject most for it. That leaves me with the job for tele sales, which I can't do, and Metal Sheet Cutter, which I'm not sure if I'll be going home with all of me still attached. Both are partly down to my dyslexia, (actually dyspraxia) it affects speech and Fine motor control, which both jobs needs.

Now I'm a guy who likes some routine, I do stuff the same way most of the time. Both "Daddy Day-Care" (an appropriate nickname for some other thing I have to do) and this FND courses have been taking their toll. The warnings can be short as, "I'm coming to pick you up now." Or "Be in the next town at 9am."

So Worrying about the next thing hasn't helped.

On the 31st of October, I thought I would have the Weekly NaNoWriMo meets in addition to the usual weekly stuff. By 3pm on the 1st I'd got the week filled up.

Believe it or not, most of my writing has been done at the meets.

Susana stepped the door to her room, letting Taithin step in before closing the door. The room hadn't been empty all the time that Taithin and Susana spent down in the Warehouse and the Royal Court room, as Taithin saw the wooden sword that he used in the store house. It's steel counterpart sat in it's scabbard, which was on Taithin's Hip.

The sound of Atashi humming in one of the joining rooms, suggested that she was the one who brought up the wooden sword.

Susana indicated the chair he sat on after Lunch, when he had tea. Taithin sat.

"My Sword, Present it for me?" Susana said as she sat.

Taithin unfastened the sword scabbard from his belt. He held the sword, and scabbard in the fashion that Susana asked for. She picked up the sword still in the scabbard and placed it next to it's wooden twin.

Susana sighed, "Taithin, you're suited for the T'lenta house. You've clearly got the smarts. You're got though that better that I expected."

"Better?" Taithin stammered.

"Most of your actions that where out of line were overlooked, mainly due to leeway that they gave you for being so new in the court. But you noticed that messenger was not sent to rest, and that assumption about his second message was right. Acting Highest Marshal? I like that, you knew want you needed to get results. Just tell me how did you know how to bluff like that?" Susana asked.

"You're not the only person to play cards. I've had too keep my pants with Laliea more than once," Taithin smiled.

"Keep your Pants? Oh, you're playing like that. Anthony, my late husband was a fan of that variant of the game, but we both enjoyed the after game... exercise," Susana said. Taithin thought that Susana was blushing, but her fur made it hard to tell.

"Ma'am?" Taithn asked.

"Alright, Taithin Rafaelatan-Arlyne Eston, It time to make up your mind," Susana adopted her official tones, "Normally, this is not an option, but the circumstances are unique in this case. I've offered you take you in the T'lenta House, you can refuse. By refusing, you're elegable to become an official Member of the Latione Family, or remain in the Eston house. If you do stay in the Eston house, You will leave to Lufas in the morning."

"It sounds like you're hiding something. Please tell me! I'm the one who's going to take the concequences." Taithin pleaded.

"After this meeting, I'm sending a message with a trusted Person to the Port Bell-lay-na for a Trusted Skipper.." Susana explained, whispering.

"Skipper?" Taithin asked. He hadn't heard of the word before.

"A Skipper is the person who is in charge of a boat. I will be sending him a message to expect a small party that need to leave country fast. Depending on your answer you may be in that party. By becoming Officially Latione, Your job is defend this Palace to the last man, but there is very good reason to believe that not every man here is be interested in defending it. Also I will not be able to help you." Susana said.

"Marshal FFFFFFFF?" Taithin said.

"Quite proberbly, he is the most infuential. If you decide to stay with the Eston house, We'd send you home, with Laliea. Laliea will be going back to Lufas, no matter what you choose with one of my most Trusted people. She will be safe," Susana said.

"This is quite serious, Can I..." Taithin said.

"There is not much time, I must know now." Susana interupted.

"I'll join, I have a feeling that I'd loose my blood family if I don't," Taithin said.

"I see," Susana said.

Lady Susana lifted both her swords off the table, and held them out for Taithin to get.

"Take your swords, Mr Taithin of the T'lenta house," Susana said formally.

Taithin bowed, "Thank you, my Lady," before picking up a sword in each hand.

"With that out of the way, I need to make clear that you're expected to follow every order I give you, if not you will have to walk back with Laliea. The news that broke our Session short has implications on all of us. I know that this country is not ready for war, and Gast is invading as we speak. Princess.. No, Regent-Queen Acacia, must be protected, as we head to Reachal. As a Member of the T'lenta house, the usual standing orders are You're surpose to protect me and my daughter. I'm throwing that out, Protect my Girls Sharise and Acacia, and don't worry too much about me. Taithin T'lenta, I am more expendable than you. If I say leave me, you will leave me! Got that?" Susana whispered in to Taithin's ear.

"My Lady?" Taithin said.

"Look, I am a old lady. My child baring days are already over. My girls have grown up in this palace as Princesses. You are a commoner. If the situation is required, I want you to make sure they're appear as commoners. If I can't do it, I want you to take my hopes and make them real. Make sure Acacia returns here crowned," A tear dropped off her nose.

"I will do my best," Taithin said, formally.

"I hope so. I think you should give this to your lady friend from the Eston house. I do give permission for you to marry Laliea Carla of Eston. I strongly suggest you do," Susana held her wedding band in her hand offering to Taithin.

"After she accepts, I'll sleep in the Barracks today. I really need to sleep, not entertaining Laliea. Plus I am not entirely sure which custom I am following. I heard from the elf that I shouldn't see her until the marriage ceromney," Taithin said as he picked up the band.

"That's true, be good man," Susana said, as Taithin left Susana living room. He could hear Susana talking to Atashi, as he shut the door.


First 3 days didn't go to plan.

I am currently playing "Daddy-Day-Care," which as those who may have children may know, how much that takes out of you.

That means I have a few hours in the evening to do anything. Also I'm already spent.

It was made worse as my Laptop didn't want to connect to his Wifi. So I couldn't talk to people online.

At 1600 words, I've got to the Big Target Day 1 Way point. It can be recovered but it's going to be hard.


Ok. I'm now a mod for Serebii. Wahoo!!/Groan.. Currently, I'm a Smaller mod, I really do the DPPt areas, or the Current 4th gen games.

I've not decided this years Nanowrimo, yet. I have 20 days to decide.

I also have to write 7000 in those 20 days.

Taken from MikeSharpeWriter.com
So I liked the Essays I did earlier but they’re just for my entertainment. So Here goes, Want a topic for me to cover? Ask me! I am more of a techy person than anything else, so I will avoid most Biology topics. Also I will not be working to a word count, so don’t ask for one. (If you do.. I’ll clearly miss that count.)

Since I'm offering this Publicly, I'm repeating it here. The Essays I've posted are on MikeSharpeWriter.com.

I've resurrected this blog again, since I not happy about posting some Naughty Scenes on other sites.
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
Another Train, another Pokémon. This time it's to the "home" of Oasis. Manchester. Sadly they don't have a game coming out.

Since I've not got room to see out, you're getting a shot of the station, at the other end.

This weeks Pokémon is Arceus. One of two Pokémon I don't have. It has a weird thing with plates, and there is its Judgement.

I didn't intend for a train trip today, but a two year old does mean that where I slept changed.


I'm sure that some of you are aware that I play games... I've not kept it a secret here so, If you check the past posts, I state played Pokémon Gold.

Sadly I can't play Pokémon Gold anymore, since the game is MIA. Quite probably also KIA'd, too.

Here is a post for anyone who want to play with or against me in a online game.

X-Box Live

Since I don't play on 360 much, this is here for completions sake. You will need this detail if you would like to play Halo 2 (PC) and Lost Planet (PC).


I play a lot of Team Fortress 2, on public Servers. I do play other games; they are also noted on my profile page. This is my profile page http://steamcommunity.com/id/MikeSharpeWriter

Wii and DS

The Wii and DS can play online. It however uses the Friend Code system. which means that in addition to entering my code, you must give me yours to enter on my game.

Friend Codes are a unique code for player game. (The Wii Console code works with several games, and some Wii games have more than one Friend code, so that there is one per save.)
The Wii Console code uses + for games with multiplayer functions, and - for minor alterations on the game.





+Band Hero (EU)
+Guitar Hero (EU)
-Metroid Prime 3(UK)
-My Pokémon Ranch
-Mii Plaza



Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits(EU)



Mario Kart Wii



Super Smash Bros Brawl



The Beatles: Rock Band



Pokémon Platinum*



Pokémon Pearl*



Final Fantasy CC:
Due to nature of games, Wii users can join in if they have the game.



*Main Series of Pokémon Games are combatable with each other, and in different languages.

This list will be updated in the Future.

If you add me let me know, and especially for Nintendo games. Commenting here is not screened at all. (I will occationally prune, and usually I can remove any comment in 24 hours.)

Zette who is mentioned in this comic just posted this to me!


We both are on other sites such as Forward Motion. She's already hit the Target of 50,000 words already. She's not confirmed a WINNER, yet, due to NaNo site is not ready to check her text out.

Chapter 4(54)

The warg pens where chaotic, messengers where coming in quite often. A few wargs and their riders barely made it to the Palace. The processes of healing wargs can be messy, particularly when there are massive cuts in the side of the Wargs. Some wargs clearly where not going live much longer, as some tear ridden riders prepared to end their wargs pain. Cassey winced at the thought of it.

Sigler was in his pen, where he curled up and slept. Sharise jumped the gate to his pen, which was normal for if she was going for a ride. However she wasn't going for a ride.

"Hey Boy, You little Dark Overlord. Feel up for a little task? I want you go and find someone.. and FOLLOW THEM! Got that?" Sharise said to her sleepy warg.

Cassey whistled a short but loud squeal. Marcus stepped out a pen, and waved a blood soaked hand in her direction. Cassey gave the informal salute that was done on wargs in reply.

"My Lady, what's up? But just be quick. I don't know when I'll be needed again," he said.

"Sharise is just about to send Sigler in to the wild. Are you sure it's only way?" Cassey asked.

"No, it's not, but I know that you two will not like it, and I don't want to loose him too," Marcus said, "Sharise asked me late last night as you were busy in the court, if he could track on his own. He can all he needs his a good scent to get started. Dirty clothing is great, especially dirty training clothes. Panties are the best item you can give a warg to use to track,"

Cassey looked at Sharise, she had pulled out a full set of Training clothes, including the underwear. They seemed too small for Sharise and too big for Cassey, they looked like they would fit Laliea.

"He will get a few scents of that, but there will be an overpowering. That's assuming that all that one person kit. I don't see many people that size, so I'm pretty certain it's one person's kit there," Marcus said.

"I grabbed it last night. I'm hoping that Laliea knows someone who could help look after him," Sharise patted the warg, as he sniffed. By her foot was a small collar bag. This bag could only hold a letter of two.

Marcus gave a formal salute, "Miss Sharise. It was an honour to have you in the Pens here. I hope you will come back one day. Just one thing, let him go outside the grounds."


Podcast setup, originally uploaded by windytwit.

This is my podcast set up. I'm recording Alpha/ 2001: a Big Nutter Oddity.

I'm here on the way to Liverpool. Yes, the birth town of the Fab 4, the next Rockband game and a yellow sub.

I happen live not far from Liverpool, the main road in goes past my house.

At home, Asher isn't too well, and I really need to fill in that application form.

I think I'm regretting taking a rear facing seat, as I'm boldly going forward, in reverse. D'oh!

Hey, who's this kid with the camera?

Jeez, he's testing a blog out. Personally, I don't see the point of running one. It's very troublesome.



(X-Post means Cross Posted on several of my Blogs.)

If you're wondering I'm not dead. I've been preparing for a Podcast "Book." The Term Novel is incorrect in two ways, First my book is not novel length, second Novels are fiction, mine is not.

I've spend some time working on it, now I just need to sit before the Mic.

The Book will be hosted at PodioBooks www.podiobooks.com where all the Audiobooks are free, including the NYTimes Best Seller Scott Sigler's Contagious.

Also this week end, I'm heading to get the Event Regigigas, from Liverpool.

If you want, Feel free to to help me name: rules are here: http://bignutter.deviantart.com/journal/24040947/

This was posted on my Twitter a few moments ago.

Almost Ready? with sound on 12seconds.tv

I'm planning to record a Pocdast Book, for Podiobooks.com. I'm doing this in at least two stages. First will be the text, following that up is the Intro and outro, when I've got the Info for it.

IF you really think I shouldn't record let me know.
This is a Twitter Thing, is #FollowFriday. The Idea of Follow Friday is to tell people about people that you should follow on Twitter.

For the First week, is Thomas Earl "Tee" Morris. I've been following Tee for some time, actually I think he was he is the second, and third account I followed on Twitter. Yes, Two Accounts, I'll explain that later.

Tee Morris is a Professional Social Media Manager. (If he has a Business card, that is what it will say. He only just got the job.) But he didn't start there, he was an actor! He didn't get the break he needed, and he ended up Role playing one of his Characters on a Chat room. This character is Rafe Rafton, who later got in a Series of Novels, written by himself. After writing the second book, he discovered Podcasting, in 05. He and others, such as Scott Sigler, decided to create a Podcast novel. He read the novel in to one of world first Podcast Novels, even if was abridged (Shortened) (Now no longer online). He did later Remaster it. He got asked to write Podcasting For Dummies, which he followed by the second edition and Expert Podcasting Practices For Dummies. He also has another Novel Series, known as Billibub Baddings, (with Podcast).

This guy "Walks the Walk," and not just "Talk the Talk." He was asked to do "All a Twitter" this year, (Also, available in most other good Book stores). The Books doesn't talk about Numbers, Why? The Numbers game is like a comparing a certain part of Male Body. He talks about what you can do with it, not get numbers or just to make Money from Twitter. As far as I can tell, the profits of this book is spent on Bills, such as the Food Bill, not on a Bentley Loan. If you want to listen to about Twitter by Tee, Try http://www.imaginethatstudios.com/twitter/

Tee has "two" sides to him. The Professional side, which reflects the Imagine That! Studios branding, which is under the username:

Direct your Twitter and Podcasting Questions there, or anything more Official.

The other side is the Relaxed side of Tee, where Bunny Ears are the Norm which is:

He's more likely to talk about his Fiction work here. Yeah, That is where I get the Bunny Ears Avatar from.

By @BigNutter.

PS. If someone can find the Rafe Rafton or Askana Moldarin Twitter accounts please reply with them.
I've apparently sat on 2001 enough to have ideas to change start editing it, despite the lack of responses.

Also my work is taking some time to being back up to full speed as my parent want to do stuff..
I've got some problems with the net. I've had so little up time, which explains why I've not posted much.

Second is that I want people to read the PDF file on this site and tell me what you think of it. http://community.podiobooks.com/group/mentorshipprogram/forum/topics/improvements-on-text-needed

Don't worry, posting here will be screened, no matter who you are. Leave me a way to contact you if you want more info. (Those reply will be never made public.)

I've got the net back.. But I've got about a week before I have to rebuild my Pc (This is due to using Windows 7 Beta). I'm almost ready now.. Most of the data I have on it transferred to my other hard disks.

I am a dire need of getting some test readers.. You've got to read a document and tell me what's wrong with it.

My net connection is out. I know it's sudden, but it was sudden for me, too. I've not got a date when I'll be back online, but a fortnight is likely.

I do have a few access points. My Blackberry is always with me. The email is mikesharpewriter at googlemail dot com. I still have access to my usual email addresses, It's just I can't do much about them.

I have access to limited some instant message service and twitter. My twitter is bignutter. If you want us the I M email me first.

This has slowed my novel down a little bit. But I've got some ways around the lack of Net.
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I've completed the first round of editing of 2001 - A BigNutter oddity.

And now I've come across a problem: Whist I understand it, I don't if anyone else can.

I would like you to help. Your job is to read just over 10 000 words, then send me any questions and/Problems with it. I'd like more than a few word comments on it, if possible.

You can get in contact with me almost anyway stated on my Profile or a comment, and just state how you want to read it, and if need be where to send it.


Tee Morris lost his expensive Krakens jersey, last year.

The Krakens are a fictional American-Football-style team created by Scott Sigler. Listen to story/Read on iPhone/iPod Touch: http://www.scottsigler.com/therookie See Podcast Authors in theirs. http://www.galacticfootballleague.com/jerseys.htm (Including Tee himself)

He had his Jersey "Kidnapped." He had a photo with that day's paper and the shirt on it. He started a Podcast about it. http://www.teemorris.com/krakensjersey/

It's very enjoyable to Listen to, Most of the Episodes are under 10 Minutes. Bar the reveal of the Thief Episode, which is nearly an hour.

Listen by the computer, you'll want to see some of the stuff that Tee talks about.

EDIT: Treed has a Comic Strip based on the Podcast: http://www.bitstrips.com/series/21723/read.php?comic_id=58591


As some of you know, I occasionally read books, as well as writing them. I have a e-Book Reader on me since Summer 2004. PDA's make nice e-Books, But they lack one thing which is why I don't use as much: Screen size. A Screen holds about 3 Paragraphs, where a book may hold about 8 with larger text.

Sounds like I would love the Kindle (1, 2 or DX). Except, I don't.

Why? I hear you ask. I can't buy one. Even if Funds wasn't a problem. The problem is that Amazon won't sell it to the UK. Also I heard Kindle 1 and Kindle 2 doesn't work in the UK. Since the Kindle DX isn't available for sale yet, I can't comment about it. (Given the FAQ, it's the same as a Kindle 2 but with a few differences.)

I have decided NOT to sell my Books in the Kindle Store, until the Kindle is officially for sale to the UK. I won't promote something that I don't use or try to attending. It's a rule of mine, which is quite understandable. You don't hear me going on about stuff I don't own, or stuff that I can't get to with ease. (When I talk about Otacon, I mean Hal Emmerich from Metal Gear Solid series, which I do play, bar MGS4 and a few others.)

This does not mean you can't read my work on the Kindles, I will be putting my stuff out in formats that can be understood by Kindles, even if it's just Kindle 2/DX via MP3. It's just that the Extended edition of Alpha/2001 won't be read on the Kindle. (Extended Edition? I've not sure what's going in it yet, but it's going to contain little extra for paying customers.)

Why I talking about this now? I reached a significant point to Alpha, before I'd expected myself to, this was mainly due to Gamma Zero reaching a editing stage early.

This post is X-Posted in most of my Blogs so you may come across tweets on several Sites.

Each Project will have two names. The first is an internal name, which NEVER change, but not very marketable. Internal names are Greek letters which are in the same order as the first idea in time. I've been using the internal names before 2004. (2004 is I have the first dated evidence of it.) The other name is the "public" name, which may get a name change before it get's published.

Alpha - 2001: A BigNutter Oddity (has also been released as Big Nutter Alpha 1-3 at http://bignutter.nebagram.co.uk/ )

This is a Dairy of a Event that happened in the Summer of 2001. I'm currently Re-writing it, using the 2002/2005 text as a basis. I won't be writing the stated 4 though to 8.1 events on the site. I may include a section on what would have been BigNutter Alpha 6 in the "Oddity." The Current Title is based on the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke, which got made in to a film. I am planning to make this to a Podcast "Novel" at PodioBooks.com.

AlphaV2 will be the internal name of a possible follow up to this, if used.

Beta - ????? (Scifi Novel)

This is actually a reclaimed "Slot." One story about AI is no longer worth wring about. The current has no plot but a few characters, who where minor characters in the AI story. This is early stages of devopment. It's proberbly going to be Vaporware, so don't hold your breath.

Gamma - ????? (The Adventure of Trey and Acacia: Soju Users)(Fantasy Novel)

This is the Currently the one that I'm working on, Or I'd be, if it was for Gamma Zero. Gamma follows Trey and Acacia, who are unintentional Time Travellers. They are join by lots of people, including a White Vedran/Cat Girl named Lana. It's big enough that I'm going have to split it!

Gamma Zero - ?????: The Fall

This is set about 20 years before the Acacia's first scene in the Gamma Book. Initially it was an chat with Tathin, who's supports Acacia in Gamma Book 1. It's about Acacia's Mother's (Lily) Death. It initally Followed Susana and Keiya, and Lana was a Blink and Miss character. Now Lana is the star, who's got a reason to be in there. I introduce Erika to Lana here.

Delta (and beyond) - Letter is Free - New Project

This is now vacant for new projects. Delta was most recently a possible Podcast, but was shot down quickly.

The Fall for those who don't know is the story I've been working on over the last year. I've been leaving Snippets of the old version, which is going to be edited. Since the big events aren't posted you can't spoil the story. In all the stuff I've put up so far has Lana or Lana as a maid named Luna.

Since March I've been working on new Intro to The Fall, instead of Lana and Erika hinting about doing Girl-girl Sex. I've started a week before in a different town with Erika and Lana first meeting. We also learn a lot about Lana, and she isn't that clear. On the last stretch, Erika and Lana gets kidnapped. Lana breaks out their Jail.

When Lana Breaks out Jail, I didn't realise that an aspect of personalty broke out too. My Lana gets really scary, When she's a Soju user(Magic User) she'd send a fire ball in your direction, then Club you to death, either by Telekinesis or by hand.

I thought I knew Lana. But then you never know what a woman will do next, even if she's a character in a unpublished book.


Today I attended a Pokémon Event.

This is actually my third Pokémon event. I attended the "Aura" Mew event in August 2007. That was the last GBA event, The DS games already selling in the store. One advantage of going was that You could play on Pokémon Battle Revolution, which was not out at the time. That was set in the Toys'Я'Us Car Park, which was ok since it was August, but it was clearly was the TV show's Broadcaster, at the time Cartoon Network, running the Event, as it's logo was quite prominent, but nowhere to buy stuff, except in store. The Next one was August 2008, a Darkari give away, this time Woolworths was a better location, but due to the low amount of dates, and the fact that some stores didn't expect such a Large Turn out. At least you could buy most merchandise from Woollies, including a DVD of the a Special with Meowth's old VA's Last Pokémon Role, as Chatot, in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time.

This Month's event is run by a company named Game, which is one of the biggest chain of Computer Games stores in the UK. They've done a few thing right. First is that they're visiting most of the Larger stores. (I have noticed at least two stores that exist which aren't listed.) The second is that some stores have some significant empty floor space...

I've also have attended each event by not using a car. So far I have used Bikes, Bus and Trains. Today is Bus, and it's quite easily as there is a Direct Link.

Since I knew where the store was, I could make a bee line for it. Which helped when you got in to the City at 3:30.

I got the store and spotted a sign wrong.

Here it is before I send it to the FAIL BLOG.

Game Fail!
GAME Giratina's Mess up. (Click for Large Image)

Pay Attention to the top Left Poster and compare to the other 3 and the Cardboard Cut out. Actually I'm surprised how little traffic there was so I could Snap this.

After getting the Shaymin for my several games. I decided that Since I didn't have enough time to Restart a game and do other stuff I wanted to do, so I moved off.

Those who don't know that Pokémon in the image above is Giratina in it's Origin Forme. Giratina can only change in to Origin Forme in the new game Platinum. This game is not "officially" available in Europe.

Here is where the Pokémon ends.. Except that that Pokémon Platinum is in the next store

The Next Store is Forbidden Planet, which takes it's name from a Sci-Fi Movie of the same name. It covers mainly Sci-Fi memorabilia and "toys" and games. This store is very good for some of the Import items, as well as Comic and Manga. I found that a Statue of Mint from Tales of Phantasia. I also got a 3 Bleach Manga, and a few DVDs.

Mint from Tales of Phatasisa, In her Box. (Click for Large image)

After Getting Mint, I explored Affecks, which near Forbidden Planet. I couldn't find the stand that I when to several Years ago, which I may have mentioned in prevoius Blog Posts. Affecks is an indoor Market which has a lot of stuff you don't expect. If you've played The World Ends With You, that building is like most of the stores in the game. I spotted a Bag with a chibli Toshiro from Bleach on it. But Mint as spent my Money.

Finally, I had to a Fact Check for a project I working on. This had me walking Up and Down Oxford Street.

And that's my day..
If you can read this then I have posted a this from my Blackberry.
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I will a chance to get Shaymin. I have more than one game, Why don't I get more than one? I will do.

I've got a problem. I've got two dead games. I am willing to restart them on the days.

Can you give me a Trainer name (with gender) for me to use? You can also choose one of the Sinnoh Starters (Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup) for me, and Name for said starter?

I will force you use only character that are in the English game. So ニオイ(Nioi (means smell)) is not allowed.

I can Wifi Trade your Starter if you want. I can also offer some other Low level with the OT (usually egg based) if you're lucky or request it. (I can do up to 4 names of these for any given Event day, bar the first two which is my naming.)

Since my Twitter and the auto emailed comments to this post can be accessed my Blackberry, you don't have to worry if it is 3:50pm on a Day and I'm still working.. I also do have MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM all on said Blackberry. Please note I won't have them on unless you ask me to have them on.

I will be attending some of the Manchester Arndale and Bolton events. I am likely to decide on the day if I will attend, It would be a good idea to check my Twitter. If you're one of the few who have access to my Facebook, you should know that my Twitter will update my status.


My Twitter: http://twitter.com/bignutter/
Official Event Page: http://www.game.co.uk/pokemonevent/


Walking down the road, Lana noticed two kids watching over a Heard of Hip high Sheep. Hip high for Erika and Lana, not for the children where it came up to their chests.

“Hey, Gina and Tony,” Lana shouted.

The kids trotted over, with a rather old looking sheep following them.

“Hey Lana, What brings you this way? Mama and big sister Whitney, have been heading to your place every so often,” Gina said.

“I’m talking this Warrior Lady to my place before we go to Fal’ana’ta,” Lana said.

“Is she a warrior? I don’t see any amour on her,” Tony said.

“Would you have your Shepherds crook with you when you’re not working? Such as when you’re sleeping in bed?” Lana asked.

“She does look big, I wonder if I will have a body like that,” Gina said.

“You’re human, so you won’t have a tail like us Vedrans. Well, time will tell. Do you know if your mother has finished the Job I ask her to do?” Lana asked.

“We don’t know, but they’ve not been to your place for a few weeks now.” Tony said.

The sheep was pushing Gina in the small or her back, “Hey, Miana, stop being so rude!” Gina snapped as she almost fell over.

“Maina? How you doing old girl?” Lana said as she tickled the sheep behind the ears. The sheep didn’t say a thing but enjoyed the scratch.

“We’ve just finished counting them, they’ve been poachers in the area. Thank the Four Great Soju Mistresses, that they’ve not got hold of our flock,” Tom said.

“Well, we’ll give them a good seeing to if we see them. See ya, we need to get to my place before dark,” Lana said.

After a few minutes on the road, Erika spoke up.

“Who those kids?” Erika asked.

“Gina and Tony? They’re live here, and technically my servants. I forgot to say.. I’m legally the Head of the Weiss house, which own the land around here,” Lana said.

“Legally Head?” Erika stammered.

“I am not worthy of the title..........

Bold parts that I want to make clear.. Italics are my comments about this.
  • Do I know you?If I know you from a forum or in Real life, I will be more likey to follow you than not at all. El Goonish Shive's Bunnies and PodioBook Authors are two good examples of this. I am usually a friend or a Fan of something to follow it.
  • Don't rely on bots. Especially DM bots! It's like if I rang you and I picked up the phone then got my Answer phone to take the call with you. There is a few bots I don't mind. I do follow a few useful bots, but they're almost clearly marked as a Bot, such as the News Bots. I also do use one type of Bot to post updates on my behalf. This is a "RSS Feed to Twitter" Bot named twitterfeed, which is set only work after I update my Blogs and my Deviant art Submissions. I also use a Twitter to Face Book updater.
  • How often you Link to your Site(s)? Unless it's a link to a update, keep off it. Do I really need to know what your site is every post? Your Profile contains it!
  • Do you reply? Or do you chat with your followers? Over half of my Tweets are in reply, or directed to people.
  • Have you actually Posted anything? Do have a Avatar? Anything in your Profile? In most cases, think you're a Spam Bot, exceptions are new users, from places where I know you from.
  • Twitter (and also FaceBook) is a Social Media Application. You've got to Socialise.. It's in the Description. Yeah, Big deal, but why aren't YOU Socialising? If the Actors who play Data, Wesley Crusher and Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation does it, why can't you?

In most cases, where I can post links to Blogs I don't restrict comments, for example this site allows for Anonymous posting.

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
The Following is a Q & A Session with one of my characters, Lana. You can also chip in, by leaving comments.

Q: Name?

Lana: Lana Weiss. My real name is Svetlana Weiss, but I don't like it.

Q: You're a Vedran woman. Can you explain what one looks like for Humans who've not seen one.

Lana: Anan told me about that this type of thing would happen sooner or later. We're basicly fur covered Human or elves, but we've got some cat like features, such as Nose, ears, fur and tail. It's quite fun explaining to kids why their adopted Ma looks totally different.

Q: Now to the personal Questions. You recently got a job as a Builder, Why?

Lana: I don't know about you, but every site I worked at several of the men's trousers don't fit properly, and they hang down a bit to see the crack. Joking aside, it kinda runs in the family. Well, my adopted Family.

Q: You are Adopted?

Lana: What's wrong with that? I can't mother kids of my own, and I like children. So adoption is the only way for me.

Q: Motto?

Lana: "Make Love, not War." I don't like getting in to fights, at least ones that should be avoided.

Q: Love Interests?

Lana: Many, Sadly they're not around now. Gravin was a brilliant man, and Luna's desire to make love to me was a big as her Boobs. I swing both ways. And If you're wondering I've outlived them both...

Ask questions to Lana, Your Question will be Screened no matter what.

The Word count for each day.

DayWord Count

Not once I managed to hit the 1000 words mark. Hey, at least I tried..
Ok, I'm opening this out to anyone who's available for it.

I am offering a Podiobooks.com package: I take your text, I read it, edit the audio into Episodes and Post it all on PodioBooks.com, for free. I'm even throwing in a Cover, if you have not got one.

What the catch I hear you ask?
  • The text must be complete and in English. If you're doing a serial, you must indicate at least one season ending.
  • Your stories must be over 1000 words, as 1000 words is the bare minimum requirement for length. Ideally, 5000 words for a short story, as it is the common length of an 25 to 30 minute Episode.
  • I must be happy reading it. i.e.; I will not accept too many Swear words. Other Material not accepted is "Fan-Fic".
  • I've got understand it, and also you're using non-English words, please tell me how to say them.
  • Everything is done on my timetable.
  • The Audio is going to be released as one of the Non-Commercial-No-Derivative Creative Commons Licences
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: You must give me Permission to use it! There is a pesky thing called the Copyright laws which means I can't take other peoples work and use it. You can give me written permission to use it. Place it under a Creative Commons Licence that allows Derivative works. Or declare it Public Domain.

Some deciding factors about what happens to your work.
  • If your complete reading is less than 1 hour long, I will combine it several stories in to an Anthology. I will try to keep similar themes and lengths together in one Anthology. The exception is if you have at least another Story that can be combined with it.
  • If you are in Anthology. I will take all donations (which is very small).
  • Must be able to be divided in least 5 similar length sections to eligible for a solo release.

I'll mail your with if you want to be put in a few new things, on the site.

EDIT: I just found out a few new services Podiobooks.com is going to roll out that should be ready when our stuff is released.

  1. "Time-Senstive" Advertiesments can be inserted in as the Episodes are Live. I'll be creating at least one point in each episode for this to appear seamless. I will be using this, so don't say I didn't warn you. (These Adverts can be download sensitive (ie first 500 listeners will get it) or time sensative (Ads run during March)) There will be at least 3 slots available, in every episode, but I will never use one of them. Ask me for more info.
  2. Downloadable PAID Audio Books. You can add non-Audio Freebies in to it. Ask me about them, as I've got check how this system works. Will be Advertiesment Free.
Today, I wrote about 265 of 1000 Words needed. Just over a Quarter.. But then today was a day off.

For the Rules, and the news about this.. http://jamesmelzer.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/the-february-writing-challenge-begins/

For tomorrow and that 1K and more..

Since the Challenge was given soon after 2am GMT, I'm using 2am GMT as the reset time.